Hello, he is Ram, a college student. He sees some social problems around locality. Instead of blaming governments he wants to take control and do something for society.

Ram feels helpless because neither he has a team nor guidance to solve these problems. He wants to discuss his ideas but he doesn't know where to go.

He knows how to solve a theoretical problem but he never got a chance to work on the real-life problem.

What does Ram need to have?
Determination and dedication to bring a change in society.
Can devote around 7 hours per week.
Is willing to take up responsibility and fulfill them truthfully.
How can Ram help us?

By participating in initial research work before implementing any social cause.

By reaching out local people/school for implementing planned projects in his locality/college.

By connecting social enthusiast in and around his campus to the Centres Network.

Preseting Proposal to Local Bodies/Municipality/Public School.

How we can help Ram?

Who can join us?


Social Worker

We always believe that building a forest is much better than building a tree, and so the social workers

College Student

College Students like Ram,
a) Who instead of blaming governments wants...

College Professor

If you are a College Professor,
a) who thinks that your students should get opertunity...

Why would Ram join us?

1. By joining LiGHT, he will become a part of a network which is spread nationwide across 12 states. He could share and discuss his ideas on a platform consisting of more than 150 members having diverse opinions.

2. He will find this platform unique from other organizations because it was completely student-run, which will enable him to communicate and understand better with other student members.

3. He would receive a lot of incentives such as certification, proper guidance, improving skills and personality, and most importantly an established platform for team format.

4. Apart from this, he will also receive other benefits from the team such as career guidance, various resources, mentorship and various others.

Difference from other platforms

Student-run: The complete LiGHT network is run by students studying in different colleges of the country. Being a student run body enables better understanding and communication between members.



NGO Work Experience

Guidance and Mentorship

Already established platform for team formation

Skill Development

Can get a chance to visit IIT Kharagpur

Other Help

What Extra Help Can we give?

We are a network of under-graduate, Post Graduates and Research Scholars studying In different streams of engineering. We work together to create a pool of ideas, which can/will try to provide a solution to every problem faced by you. With us, you can benefit yourself in the ways which sometimes you cannot get on your own.

Not only for career, members in LiGHT are always ready to help you in various fields. Be it sports, art, learning new things etc.

In GYWS and LiGHT, members have completed or are doing various projects/internships in various companies in different fields. We will be able to guide you through the steps required to accomplish your plans.

If you are interested in Research or want to have a discussion on a certain topic, our intellectually stimulated members can guide you might fulfil your thirst for knowledge.

Our esteemed alumni are working in different companies and have excelled in their fields, and their experience is a treasure to us. Through them we can help you to know the mantra to get various type of internships and jobs easily.

A variety of resources for learning almost every domain or field is present are present in IIT Kharagpur Community, which can be shared with all the centre members.


LIGHT is an initiative of one of India's largest student-run government registered NGO Gopali Youth Welfare Society, based in IIT Kharagpur. Gopali Youth Welfare Society aims at the overall socio-economic development of the underprivileged near the IIT Kharagpur campus.

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